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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 16: The Phantom Planet!

Phantom Planet (1961)

Sweet Cthulhu, we’re already halfway through this thing? Time flies when you’re using a holiday to pretend all’s right with the world. Anyway. For tonight, we take a stroll through the nostalgia aisle, for a bit of the classic Schoolhouse Rock! It’s “Them Not-So-Dry-Bones,” with vocals by Jack Sheldon. I don’t know about you, but I had forgotten pretty much every bit of this…except for when the skeleton steps out of the guy and his body just winds up in a heap on the ground. That’s something that lingers in the mind.

And now for tonight’s main event, it’s 1961’s Phantom Planet, in which an astronaut must deal with being on an asteroid that thinks it’s Lilliput. Well, pretty much. It’s like somebody wanted to make Gulliver’s Travels but the powers that be wanted Forbidden Planet. Watch for Richard Kiel (aka James Bond’s Jaws) as The Solarite. Enjoy!