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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 30: The Return of Dracula!

Return of Dracula

Okay, normally I don’t mention the feature film until after whatever short subject we’re doing–but–the Count really is fascinated by that woman’s ass, isn’t he?

Ahem. We open with the surreal and disturbing world of William S. “Uncle Bill” Burroughs. This is an animated short based on his readings from the album Dead City Radio…and I could have sworn we posted this before. But apparently not. It’s “Ah Pook is Here” and it’s marvelous.

Now…back to Dracula, because it’s usually vampire night around the campfire at this point in the 32 Days Marathon. This is The Return of Dracula, released in 1958…and then promptly steamrolled by Christopher Lee becoming the Count in Horror of Dracula. C’est la guerre. Enjoy.