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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 19: The Soul of a Monster!

Soul of a Monster

For tonight’s mayhem, we start off first with an episode of Suspense! from 1950. And this is a radio show that ran from 1942 to 1962. This particular one is “On a Country Road” and it stars some guy by the name of Cary Grant…

Now we switch over to everyone’s favorite in the “Produced in English for Swedish television with the appropriate subtitles” genre. I’m…not sure how big a subgenre that is, but these days you never can tell. It’s 13 Demon Street, hosted by Lon Chaney Jr. And it’s a little hard to find, that’s why I’ve only used one episode here, due to its slightly off sound and the way it looks like they perpetually used a shaky cam. But, you know, for the posterity of the season…

There’s this doctor, see? And he’s the best. We know this because they spend the first few minutes of the movie hammering this point home. May that as it be, he’s now dying and his wife has decided she’s having none of that. She prays to Whoever that somebody will save her husband…then a strange and sinister woman shows up and does just that. But nothing’s free, right? Enjoy.