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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 20: J.D.’s Revenge!

JD's Revenge

Day 20 of the 32 Days of Halloween festival is upon us. And we’ve decided to take a couple of animated shows and their themed episodes. Let’s begin with Animaniacs…because why not. Here’s some of their patented style of mayhem from 1994.

Next we go to The Flintstones and a Halloween episode from 1964, “A Haunted House is Not a Home.” If you’ve ever watched this show, you will remember this one pretty much instantly. Fred and Barney have to spend a night in a haunted house. As you do.

Oh also…there’s some weird commercials stuck in here. And some odd song at the end. I try not to ask questions.

And well, if you had the chance to transition from The Flintstones to a blaxploitation horror flick, you’d do it too. It’s J.D.’s Revenge from 1976. Who is J.D.? A hustler who’s been dead for three decades. How is he going to get his revenge? By taking over the body of nice guy. That nice guy, by the way, you will recognize…it’s Glynn Turman (“Royce”) from The Wire. And you’ll definitely recognize Louis Gossett Jr. as well. Enjoy.