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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 21: Nightmare Castle!

Nightmare Castle

For tonight’s mayhem, let’s start with the very first episode of Boris Karloff’s anthology series Thriller. It’s very useful if you’re allowing TV episodes for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, since you can link up Karloff with people like, say, Shatner. This is “The Twisted Image,” starring Leslie Nielsen, George Grizzard, and Natalie Trundy.

Then we come to tonight’s feature, Nightmare Castle. Italian overwrought melodramatic horror like they don’t make anymore. This might be a good thing. But what you lose in…everything else, you gain in having a double dose of scream queen Barbara Steele. You see, she’s married to an evil scientist and screwing around with the gardener. When scientist hubby catches them, he kills them…but the wife left all of her stuff (i.e. stuff he’s been borrowing) to her sister…also played by Steele. Prepare to see wrists metaphorically stapled to foreheads. Enjoy.