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Happy 2nd Halloween Everyone!

Happy 2nd Halloween
So today marks an American tradition. Not only is it the day that we celebrate everything that we’re thankful for by stuffing ourselves with ridiculous amounts of food but it’s the official start of a holiday season filled with family, family discord and other sources of unnecessary stress. (Please note: I realize you probably started seeing Xmas directions back in July, but I’m talking about the official start.)

Three Halloweens is my own particular way of dealing with this mayhem. Thanks to this brilliant suggestion by The Oatmeal, instead of being said that Halloween disappears November 1st, I have two more Halloweens to look forward to! It has saved my sanity. I hope it helps you as well.

Now, in the spirit of the 2nd Halloween season, I know many of you will be making food today, probably in a kitchen filled with other family members and one source of argument may be… what the hell are we going to listen to? Relax. I’ve got you. I’ve created a 2nd Halloween Playlist on Spotify. So just put this on, pour some more whiskey and no worries, you’ll get through it. Enjoy!