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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 33: Voodoo Man!

Boris Karloff in Voodoo Man

No, not a hallucination. Not an alternate reality. It’s the 33rd day of 32 Days of Halloween, because it’s Thanksgiving, which I celebrate as 2nd Halloween. Trust me, it’s therapeutic. For our opening salvo of goodness, we have an episode of the anthology series Telephone Time from 1958. It stars Boris Karloff and if Wikipedia is right (which it always is) then this was a back door pilot for the never-broadcast Karloff-hosted The Veil. This is “The Vestris.”

We don’t have enough Rutger Hauer. In fact, it’s impossible to have too much Rutger Hauer. And I don’t know that this commercial qualifies as something horrorific…in fact, I don’t know what the hell is happening in this commercial. I just know it’s amazing.

Lastly, we come to tonight’s feature presentation: Voodoo Man from 1944, starring Bela Lugosi as a doctor stealing the life essences from women to give to his dead wife. As you do. Also along for the ride are John Carradine and George Zucco (House of Frankenstein). Enjoy!

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