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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 32: You Know Damn Well What It Is

Kyra Schon in Night of the Living Dead

For tonight’s final entry in our journal of weirdness, we go to The Weird Circle itself: the episode “What Was It” from 1943.

Next, it’s off to The Outer Limits and 1965 for “The Premonition,” starring Dewey Martin (The Thing From Another World) and Mary Murphy (The Mad Magician). When you get ten seconds ahead of yourself in time and can see the future, can you change the future before the present catches up to you?

And finally, we come to what we come to every year…and we’ve done this for eleven years, FSM help us. It’s the only film that’s proper to watch at this time: Night of the Living Dead. The original, of course. Still as powerful as ever and still as amazing a cinematic achievement. Thanks for coming out for the party, everyone. Happy First Halloween.