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Things: I Bet Helen Mirren is Secretly a Massive Gamer

Helen Mirren Master Class
“Face it. I rock this look.”
OBSESSION UPDATE: My attempt at plowing through MasterClass continues apace. As stated last time, I have taken the Helen Mirren and Steve Martin classes.

The Helen Mirren class is excellent and she is an absolute hoot. Her approach to choosing scripts and then how she takes the scripts apart (literally) is fascinating, as well as how she advises you to deal with the writer and director. And when she steps back to actually show you what it looks like to act on film (and the spot on the camera you’re basically acting to), you get a sense that she knows who people on the crew are–and that she’s a class act. Not that you doubted that, I’m sure, but you know what I mean. Granted, in the section where she’s going through set decoration and rummaging through a buffet of props, I hoped she had a good relationship with them because I could see (if you weren’t expecting her to do these things) the people on the crew wincing and wondering what the hell she was on about. Really good insight. Also–and this is a small thing, but I never realized it before–she has a tattoo on one of her hands which, as you can imagine, has an interesting backstory.

The Steve Martin class is fascinating for not just comedians but anybody who wants to get their arse up on a stage. He goes through the evolution of his routine and how he found his own voice, especially by contrasting what he was doing with what everyone else was doing at the time. And, I don’t know how you feel about such revelations, but I find it comforting that there was a point when Steve Martin didn’t know what the hell he was doing. He also takes you through the process of writing Roxanne, still my favorite of his films. He has student sessions which are interesting just from the standpoint of how he interacts with the “youngsters” and their material. Personally I find those less engaging than when it’s just Martin talking about his craft. And that’s the best part of this class, really: when a comedian actually gets serious and starts talking about what they do and how they do it–I find that freaking fascinating. When Jimmy Carr starts talking about the same topic, it’s equally appealing.

Next time around, I’ll fill you in on the three classes that, so far, have stopped me in my tracks for various reasons. Oh, and also, they’ve contrived to make me renew for 2019. Was probably going to happen anyway, but still.

Juggernaut from Marvel Strike Force
Jesus Christ, no wonder he’s so angry all the time! Somebody get him a chiropractor!


I’m not sure why I downloaded Marvel Strike Force in the first place, but I did. And now you see why I uninstall Civilization games after I play them for a week. Because I’m freaking obsessed with this game. Basically you recruit Marvel characters (heroes and villains) who are teamed up against the greater evil of Ultimus (who in the comics is a Kree Eternal with fabulous hair). Ulty is a guy who has conquered a ton of other versions of the Marvel Universe and enslaved their heroes and villains to convince them to come and fight you. That’s pretty much the long and short of it.

They are constantly adding new characters into the game (most recently: the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is sliding in), adding and revising synergies of how their abilities work together, and adding new ways to go about enjoying oneself kicking ass. I’ve been kind of astounded at how many things they are to do in this game, so much so that I actually felt bad for playing it for free so I throw a little money at them each month. And I never pay money for these games.

I went and downloaded the DC version of this, but it looked like Gerry Anderson had tried to make a Supermarionation game on a big budget. So that didn’t last long.

If you check it out and want to join an alliance (yes, there are those too) so you can go on raids (you collaborate to blow shit up and win stuff), look us up: we’re the Strategic Homeland Initiative for the Nullification of Obnoxious and Loud A-Holes. (S.H.I.N.O.L.A.)

Glow in the Dark Reeses

So yes, we have my usual harangue of mine about how Cadbury Mini-Screme Eggs (the Creme Eggs from Easter just with a bit of green added to the inner goo) aren’t available stateside thanks to the machinations of Hershey. They are available in the UK, of course. Most importantly the mini-eggs are the right ratio of chocolate to goo. The large, regular size eggs are madness with their overpowering of sugary goo. When you’re a kid, by all means, go nuts with the sugar. Part of adulting means to be strategic about consumption so you don’t kill yourself too early.

This time, though–and I’m not alone in this–I saw the wrapper I’ve posted here and thought “Glow-in-the-Dark Reese’s? Brilliant!” Only to see a moment later that it was just the wrappers. That’s nifty, but imagine the insanity of a Reese’s peanut butter cup that could glow in the dark. I know, I’m the guy who scoffs at things like the Nightmare King Burger, but I’ll eat something that glows in the dark? Well, I am at least consistently inconsistent.


Did you know that ScottC reads stuff? He does. Out loud even. I submit unto you: Exhibit A, an episode of the PsuedoPod podcast.