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Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d – Ice Cream Review

Every few months, it seems, Reese’s comes out with some new variation on their signature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. One was the Peanut Butter Lovers version: a top layer of peanut butter (ish?) stuff on top of a small layer of chocolate, then the regular filling. If you’re one of those people, who love the hell out of some peanut butter, well…then you’re doomed. Make peace with your gods, because I’ve found the ice cream that’s been sent to Earth specifically to kill you.

Netflix & Chill’d is “Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownies.” Boy, is it ever. It’s quite possibly the best Peanut Butter Ice Cream I’ve ever had—and mind you, I’m one of the people who thinks the mini-Reese’s cup is the right ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. So I lean towards the chocolate end of the spectrum. But this ice cream base is goddamn tasty.

Now, would I like it just by itself? Probably for a couple of spoonfuls. But Ben & Jerry’s, because they are nefarious, packed the pint with just enough fudge brownie chunks. And these are decent chunks. But…well, you know how sometimes in ice cream you get brownie chunks and you know that’s what they’re supposed to be but the taste isn’t spot on? The taste of these are spot on. It’s like you just, you know, sliced up a bunch of fresh brownies. It’s almost unnerving how good the combo is. And how (at least in my pint) they got the ratio right.

 As for the pretzel swirl—I can’t see it in there, but I know it’s there. About every third spoonful or so, you hit a vein of the stuff and it’s delightful. And again—the ratio is perfect. If it was every spoonful, it would be overpowering. But every third one or so, and it’s like a reminder that, yup, that stuff is in there and you’re glad it’s in there.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or peanut butter), like I said, you’re freakin’ doomed. However, the one thing that might save you is I don’t know how fast these things are going. Went to the grocery store, found it, then the next time, no sign of it. So you have the chance to save yourself. What you do with that chance is entirely up to you, Dear Reader.