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That Handsome Devil: They’re Bein’ Clean

That Handsome Devil - "It Ain't Easy"

Well, at least while we’re all trapped inside our homes waiting for science to save us all, we can get entertained. Taking part is That Handsome Devil, a band from Brooklyn I discovered recently…I don’t even remember how. But I’m sure glad I did. They are gloriously gonzo and demented, which is further evidenced by frontman Godforbid hanging out with a special friend to while away the time of the plague. “For your quarantined enjoyment,” they said. Oh yes indeed. Just make sure you wash your hands after using a slide.

Find them online here. They’re on Spotify here. If you want to get a whiff of their range, I suggest listening to “Echo Chamber” followed by “Viva Discordia.” Then, you know, all the rest of it. Snag copies for yourself here.