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People I Met Online (PIMO) #1: Matt Cohen

People I Met Online (PIMO) is a podcast in which Dom (German member of Need Coffee International) selfishly practices his language skills by talking to native speakers he met over the internet. Basically, he is just virtually hanging out with people he wants to talk to and you can listen to it. We invite you to feel like a government agent who is surveilling a foreigner. Enjoy!

This is Episode 1: The world is on yellow alert; Matt Cohen stops by…

As the population of the earth is hiding in their caves, two men step up to the microphone to deliver a calming message. Matt Cohen is a writer, producer, director, actor, podcaster…but mainly, he is a passionate dog owner. You may know him from the podcasts Bagged & Boarded and Bunny Ears, the film Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, or simply, the internet ( His graphic novel G.E.E.K! is available here. We are glad he joined PIMO to talk about everything from the coronavirus and Doctor Who all the way to The Dark Tower and back.