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People I Met Online (PIMO) #2: Kevin Smith

People I Met Online, a podcast by Dominik Hammes, Episode 2: Kevin Smith

People I Met Online (PIMO) is a podcast in which Dom (German member of Need Coffee International) selfishly practices his language skills by talking to native speakers he met over the internet. Basically, he is just virtually hanging out with people he wants to talk to and you can listen to it. We invite you to feel like a government agent who is surveilling a foreigner. Enjoy!

This is Episode 2: The world is on red alert; Kevin Smith stops by…

The works of Kevin Smith were a bit of an English teacher to our German friend. Take that as you will but it explains why he has been following the life and work of the director, podcaster & writer for over twenty years now. Smith tells stories about Mallrats 2, the new He-Man series, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and further adventures in Germany.