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#TrackoftheDay: “Orovela”

Tsinandali Choir
Georgia (1989)

Tsinandali Choir

One of the reasons I want to listen to as much music from as many places as possible is that there are gems freaking everywhere. My major gateway to “world music” (the catch-all genre used to describe anything that’s not from the USA or an English-speaking country) was Real World Records, the label spawned by Peter Gabriel. And one of the best ideas they had was putting out compilation records so you could get a sample platter of good stuff. Thus in 1998 I came across The Tsinandali Choir from Georgia via the compilation CD Bliss. It was this track, in fact. And this, “Orovela,” which apparently is a type of work song from that neck of the global woods, is the track that originally turned me on to them.

Their album is available via Bandcamp. So is that compilation from bygone days, Bliss.