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Night of the Bloody Apes! (1972)

32 Days of Halloween XIII
Movie Night #15

This film requires some explanation. But does it? Part of me wants to just leave the explanation to that image above. It’s…kind of amazing. But regardless.

The film originally came out in Mexico in 1969 as La Horripilante bestia humana (The Horrible Man-Beast) also known as Horror y sexo (pretty sure you can translate that one). It’s apparently a remake of the 1962 film Las Luchadoras contra el medico asesino (The Wrestling Women vs. the Killer Doctor)…which is one of the most incredible movie titles in cinema history and I must seek it out as soon as possible. (And adding to the weirdness, there apparently was a real Médico Asesino luchador but he passed away in 1960 before the first film debuted…and as near as I can tell, the film isn’t really associated with him.)

Anyway, the film shows the risks associated with using a gorilla heart to save a dying family member. And, although it makes sense, I didn’t realize there was an entire Wikipedia section on organ transplantation in fiction. So we’re in that weird world where monster movies, Mexican wrestlers, and organ transplants combine. Enjoy.