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Spidey Wasn’t Hurt, It Was His Stuntronic Clone

Yes, I know. The last thing any Spider-Man fan wants to hear in relation to the character…is the word clone. For anyone who doesn’t know why, ask your parents. If your parents aren’t into Spider-Man, I guess go to Wikipedia. (It’s always right.)

Anyway, the good news–the very cool news, in fact–is that Disney has developed a stunt robot to enable a live Spider-Man to perform a swing over Avengers Campus in Disneyland. For the details on that, check out this vid:

The bad news is that even robots have bad days. Because this recently happened:

Still, considering how many times that thing must have swung between when that Wired video was released and when it crashed? Impressive. And let’s face it: it’s pretty in character for Spidey to sometimes make a mistake and demolish property.