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Don’t Let That Money Burn a Hole in Your Pocket…

A snippet of the East German poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Said snippet consists of the top of half of Dr. Spock's face with multiple colors like a weird tie-dye going on behind and on it.

Sotheby’s has a movie poster auction going on at the moment. It ends September 6th. So if you have a stack of moolah, you’re going to want to get over there and do some damage. There are some amazing specimens, especially in my own personal arena: American film posters for release internationally.

There’s the Japanese poster for 1966’s Batman: The Movie with Adam West. There’s also the Italian poster for Star Wars (aka Guerre Stellari). But I’ve included a snippet above of my personal favorite: the East German poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture with art by Schulz Ilabowski.

Even if you just want to window shop and drool a bit, you should go check it out. There’s something for everybody.