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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 1: Werewolf by Night!

In case you haven’t seen it already (or if you want to see it again), here’s the Werewolf by Night trailer.

I don’t know about you, but I was on board from the moment the retro Special Presentation logo started forming. Although to be honest, if they had decided to do Werewolf by Night, Insurance Salesman by Day, I probably would have been up for that too.

This next video tells a little bit more, but some notes come afterward.

First, they mention director Michael Giacchino is a composer. But for context, he’s composed scores for things like The Incredibles and Up, Rogue One, and the MCU Spider-Man films. And this is the longest thing he’s directed to date. Second: hearing that he’s a huge fan of classic monster flicks and why he’s a huge fan…very exciting. It’s coming October 7th. I am so ready.

Oh, and yes, that was Golden Globe-winning Gael García Bernal in the title role. Nice.

While we’re on the subject of werewolves…let’s have the first episode of the late 1970s Saturday morning cartoon (kids, ask your parents)… Fangface.