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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 7: Baron Blood!

Tonight, we go way way back to Disney and 1937. It’s the Academy Award-winning The Old Mill. Is it straight up Halloween? No. But it leans spooky and sometimes that’s all it takes. That and it’s a freaking classic.

I know Alan Davies for his role as permanent panelist on QI, the British show that’s too awesome to ever cross the Atlantic and come here. I also know him as a stand-up comic. And he also loves dogs. But he is also the star of Jonathan Creek, a show where an inventor of magic tricks solves mysteries. Davies is that inventor. And here’s an episode centered around Halloween: “Danse Macabre.”

And now to 1972 and Mario Bava’s Baron Blood. I think everyone reading this site is smart enough to know this already, but just to say it very clearly: do not read an ancient incantation designed to bring evil spirits the land of the living. Just don’t. It’s not worth it. Maybe if Ash Williams had seen this film, the whole Evil Dead franchise could have been avoided. Or at least gone differently. Less fun for us, but less hassle for Ash. Enjoy.