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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 11: Kronos!

Well, this just made my shortlist of films to see. Content Warning: if you find claymation gore disturbing, give it a pass. Otherwise, you’re probably fine.

No, you were not hallucinating. It’s “The Japanese Evil Dead,” but it’s actual name is Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell. A-mazing.

Now back to 1949 and “The Devil’s Workshop,” an episode of Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Sometimes the opening bit with the host is better than the rest of the show.

And for tonight’s finale, we go to 1957 and the sci-fi weirdness of Kronos. (Not the Guillermo Del Toro Cronos). The menace to Earth this time is a machine designed to absorb all of our power and steal it for an alien race. Enjoy.