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Thomas Newman – “To the Shock of Miss Louise”

USA, 1987

Cover for The Lost Boys soundtrack album.

As a film, sure, Near Dark is closer to my heart. But if that was the Deep Impact of 80s vampire movies, then Lost Boys was surely the Armageddon. By that I mean Lost Boys was cheesier and goofier. It also had a pretty great soundtrack. And though you’ve got the choice cover of The Easybeats by INXS and Jimmy Barnes, plus the super-ripped sax playing of Tim Cappello…my favorite track has always been the snippet of Thomas Newman they put on here. I’m talking about the mad, creepy carnival ride music of “To the Shock of Miss Louise.” It’s, what, a minute and twenty seconds? But it gets A Lot Done in that amount of time.

Newman is one of those composers you know even if you don’t know you know him. He’s been nominated fifteen times for an Oscar (without winning…he was robbed for the American Beauty score…that was Robbery). But he’s also done Shawshank Redemption, WALL-E, 1917, the list goes on. But this…I could listen to an album of just this sort of thing All Day.

You can snag the soundtrack over at Amazon.