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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 13: Night Fright!

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Next, we have an appearance by Peter Lorre on Fred Allen’s radio program in 1943. Horror stars showing up on comedy programs was always a treat. Otherwise, you would never get to see them do much of anything but be scary. And they usually had a helluva range.

For tonight’s main attraction, such as it is, we go to 1967 and the sci-fi radiation-will-kill-us-all-one-way-or-another flick, Night Fright. My favorite fact about this film is that it was, in the 1980s, renamed E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nasty when it was released in the UK. No, really:

The poster for E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nasty. The tagline: What's 12ft Tall and Eats People?