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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 20: Killers From Space!

Again, my apologies. But it’s time for another word from our sponsor.

Is that the only time in confectionary history that a chocolate bar was named for what it didn’t have in it? The 1970s were just weird.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s reconvene over here and listen to Christopher Lee reading an abridged (and I don’t know how abridged it is, but c’est la guerre) version of Dracula. Is it eighty minutes long? Yes. Is it absolutely worth listening to? Yes. Yes it is.

For tonight’s film, we go to 1954 and Killers From Space, the film so ripe for riffing that The Film Crew did it, and then Rifftrax went back and did it. Now you can roll your own. Starring Peter Graves, who is a known specialist regarding gladiator movies.

Before we go to the film, does anybody else see any similarities between the Killers and…? I mean…it reminds you a little, right?