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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 23: Tourist Trap!

We start off your Saturday night revels with an episode of the classic old-time radio show, Suspense. This episode was originally broadcast in 1949, and you recognize the announcer’s voice because it’s Paul Frees, voice of the Haunted Mansion and about three hundred other things.

Okay. I’m very happy. This is an episode of Amazing Stories I’ve been looking for since we first started doing this. And it’s never been online or embeddable before. (And I’ve searched the site, so if I posted it previously I can’t find it and those brain cells have long since died.) “Go to the Head of the Class” was a badass episode of the series, starring Christopher Lloyd and Mary Stuart Masterson. It was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and scribed by Mick Garris (the 1994 The Stand), Tom McLoughlin (Friday the 13th VI), and Bob Gale (Back to the Future). This is choice stuff.

Lastly, from 1979 we go to Tourist Trap. If you spent any time inside a video rental place that had even a halfway decent selection of older horror flicks, the you probably remember the cover for this one:

The masked killer from the movie Tourist Trap (1979)--a human with a face covered by a white mask that looks like a costume piece from a high school production of Phantom of the Opera.

Starring Chuck Connors, it’s basically what you would get if the Mannequin film franchise had been in a completely different genre. Enjoy,