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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 31: Demons!

The fact that Post-Modern Jukebox is popular is helpful to my own sanity. And the fact it’s yet another place to hear Wayne Brady vocally go off is even better. We got glimpses of it on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but it’s quite true: dude can sing. Showing here.

Here we have another episode of The Veil, the Karloff-hosted (and mostly starring) show that never really…you know, showed.

When I saw that yesterday, Kings of Horror had debuted this on their YouTube channel, all previous plans for tonight went out the window. 1985’s Demons from producer Dario Argento is an 80s gonzo horror not-really-zombie classic. It features one of the best motorcycle and katana-wielding demon-beheading scenes set inside a cinema in all of history. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.