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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 32: The Expected Finale

So here we are at the end of yet another 32 Days of Halloween. But don’t be sad. There’s still at least two more Halloweens to go. And hey, everyday can be Halloween. You just have to want it bad enough.

So to finish up, a bit from one of the best shows on television. Taskmaster is where funny people are given insane tasks to do and are given points (harshly) by Greg Davies, the Taskmaster himself. They tried to do a version here and it was…okay. Here’s a bit of the original. You should go watch all of it, though. It’s brilliant. Your time starts now.

Next, from the H series of QI, yet another show from across the pond. This one is fantastic but American companies don’t want to air it here because they think it’s too cerebral for the likes of us. Judge for yourself. It’s a Halloween episode, so perfect for inclusion here.

And last and never least, it’s the same movie we’ve ended every 32 Days of Halloween with. As if there could be another. It’s the original Night of the Living Dead. Enjoy.

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Thanks for everything. Now go eat some candy and if you’re dealing with zombies, don’t forget to aim for the head.