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Widge’s Sonic Emporium on Louder Than War Radio – 22 July 2023

Episode 6
“Everything is Just Dreaming”

Welcome. Here are what passes for show notes. The reason the playlist is in the format you find it is because I really need a life. The very overwrought explanation can be found here.

Format is:
Artist/Band Name – “Song Name” – Album Name – (Band’s/Artist’s Country of Origin, Year of Song’s Original Release)

Ty Segall — “When I Met My Parents Pt. 3” — First Taste — (USA, 2019) — Bandcamp

Melt Yourself Down – “Fix My Life” – (UK, 2013) — Bandcamp

I had my notes in front of me that clearly said “Fix MY Life” and yet I identified the song in the show as “Fix YOUR Life.” I need to fix my contact lens prescription.

Beak> – “Brean Down” – >>> — (UK, 2018) — Bandcamp

Rodney P, DJ Die, Indigo Kid – “Holes in the Building” – (UK, 2016) — Bandcamp

Chase & Status feat. Irah – “Program” — (UK, 2019) — Bandcamp

Elephant Castle – “Life in Outer Space” – (USA, 2020) — Bandcamp

João Cirilo – “Pó D’Terra” – Raízes – (Portugal, 1982)

Best place to get the track is on Space Echo – The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed! You can grab that from Analog Africa here. (I promise, they’re not paying me to play so much stuff. I don’t even realize it’s their stuff until I start compiling notes.)

The Mysterons – “Bug Powder Dust” – Meandering – (Netherlands, 2017) — Bandcamp

The Techniques All-Stars – “Lonely Man (i can count the days)” – (Jamaica, 1969)

Stars – “Sleep Tonight” – Set Yourself on Fire – (Canada, 2004) — Bandcamp

Arooj Aftab with Darian Donovan Thomas – “Baghon Main” – Vulture Prince – (Saudi Arabia/Pakistan/USA, 2021) — Bandcamp

The Touré-Raichel Collective – “Bamba” – The Tel Aviv Session – (Mali/Israel, 2012) — Bandcamp

Serart – “Marina” – Serart – (Armenia/Lebanon/Turkey, 2003)

Just to reiterate the two mysteries: 1) Where can I get more of Jenna Ross singing? (She’s the main vocalist on this.) 2) What is the voice saying…the one on top of Jenna’s English lines (I guess it’s Arto? Serj’s vocals are very distinctive.)

Single Gun Theory – “Great Palaces of Immortal Splendor” – Millions, Like Stars in My Hands, The Daggers in My Heart Wage War – (Australia, 1991) — Bandcamp

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – “Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears” – IX – (USA, 2014)

This track has what is quite possibly my favorite subtle nod to Pink Floyd in it.

Big Maybelle – “96 Tears” – (USA, 1966)

Cate Le Bon – “Sisters” – Mug Museum – (UK, 2013)

Seinabo Sey – “Pistols at Dawn (lucian x mickey valen remix)” – Hard Time single – (Sweden/USA, 2015)

Lost in the Trees – “Tall Trees” – Time Taunts Me – (USA, 2007)

Nico – “Janitor of Lunacy” – Desertshore  – (Germany, 1970)

Nadine Shah – “Fool” – Fast Food – (UK, 2015) — Bandcamp

Orchestra Baobab – “Limale Ndiaye” – La Belle Epoque Vol. 3 1973-1976 – (Senegal, 2011)

Jam Nation – “She Moved Through the Fair” – Way Down Below Buffalo Hell – (UK/Panama/China/Australia/?, 1993)

Plan B – “Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Lose” – Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Lose – (UK, 2018)

Failure – “Daylight” – Fantastic Planet – (USA, 1996) — Bandcamp