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Widge’s Sonic Emporium on Louder Than War Radio – 2 September 2023

Episode 12
“Until Everything Turns to Gold”

Welcome. Here are what passes for show notes. The reason the playlist is in the format you find it is because I really need a life. The very overwrought explanation can be found here.

Format is:
Artist/Band Name – “Song Name” – Album Name – (Band’s/Artist’s Country of Origin, Year of Song’s Original Release)

Now with Bandcamp links (where available), and if they’re not, I include Amazon links.

Holly Herndon – “Frontier” – PROTO – (USA, 2019) – Bandcamp

Woodkid – “Stabat Mater” – The Golden Age – (France, 2013) – Amazon

Seeing Woodkid live must be pretty goddamn amazing:

Childish Gambino ­– “Algorhythm” – 3.15.20 – (USA, 2020) – Amazon

Anbessa Orchestra – “Negestat (kings)” – Negestat – (USA, 2018) – Bandcamp

Tom Waits – “John the Revelator” – God Don’t Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson – (USA, 2016) – Bandcamp

Man, it would be great if I could find him doing this live. Well, enjoy this instead:

Son of Dave feat. Martina Topley-Bird – “Devil Take My Soul” – Electro Blues Vol. 1 – (Canada/UK, 2005) – Bandcamp

?? (Mei Tai)– “???????? (I Love You Forever)” – ???41 (Star Club 41) – (Taiwan, 1970) – Amazon

I’m kinda surprised and pleased that Amazon has this Mei Tai track for sale. Makes sense, I guess, because it is on Spotify. But anything you have to find by searching using Chinese language pictograms I consider to be pretty obscure. At least here in this corner of the world.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – “Last Revolutionary” – Black Times – (Nigeria, 2018) – Bandcamp

Magnetic Man – “The Bug” – Magnetic Man – (UK, 2010) – Amazon

Here’s what I really want to play on the show:

Las Robertas – “Sonora” – Love is the Answer – (Costa Rica, 2023) – Bandcamp

DakhaBrakha – “????? (Monk)” – ???? (Way) – (Ukraine, 2016) – Bandcamp

Interesting to note that the track on Bandcamp is “Monakh” (I assume that’s a spelling to keep browsers without Cyrillic support from coughing up a lung) and the album title in English is “The Road.” I swear, I’d love to have the time to learn some more languages, but I’m doing my best these days to hang on to my knowledge of English.

Dillinger Escape Plan – “Symptom of Terminal Illness” – Dissociation – (USA, 2016) – Bandcamp

Forgive Durden – “A Hundred-Year, Minute-Long Intermission” – Razia’s Shadow: A Musical – (USA, 2008) – Amazon

Rufus Wainwright – “Matinee Idol” – Rufus Wainwright – (Canada, 1998) – Amazon

The Master Musicians of Jajouka Featuring Bachir Attar – “You Can Find the Feeling” – The Master Musicians of Jajouka Featuring Bachir Attar – (Morocco, 2000) – Amazon

Nickodemus feat. Carol C. & The Spy From Cairo – “Do You Do You?” – A Long Engagement – (USA/Italy, 2018) – Bandcamp

Rachid Taha – “Tekitoi” – Rock’n’Rai – (Algeria, 2020) – Amazon

Black Coast feat. M. Maggie – “Trndsttr (lucian remix)” – (USA, 2016) – Amazon

DeWolff – “Blood Meridian I” – Tascam Tapes – (Netherlands, 2020) – Bandcamp

Stef Chura – “Method Man” – Midnight – (USA, 2019) – Bandcamp

Sam Cooke – “Fool’s Paradise” – Night Beat ­– (USA, 1963) – Amazon

Just a quick note for this and any other digital vs. physical purchases: the MP3 of the Night Beat album is $9.99 (as I type this) but the CD is just $7.98. If the physical is cheaper and you really like it, snag the physical. Just remember: Spotify is just renting the music. Owning is always best. Physical if possible. Okay. PSA ends.

Franco & TPOK Jazz – “Tcha Tcha Tcha De Mi Amor” – Originalité – (Belgian Congo, 1987) – Amazon

Teri Gender Bender – “cai caigo” – madre would not allow it though – (USA, 2022) ­– Bandcamp

Hello Tokyo – “Rain or Shine” – Don’t Cry in Public – (USA, 2006) – Amazon

Kiko King & creativemaze – “Wolves” – Intellect Illuminated – (Germany, 2014) – Amazon

Sevdaliza – “Shahmaran” – Ison – (Iran, 2017) – Bandcamp

C. Duncan – “He Came From the Sun” – Health – (UK, 2019) – Bandcamp

I first heard that off of this Late Night Tales release. I think I mentioned them on the show before, but Late Night Tales puts out some excellent compilations.

Randy Newman – “God’s Song (that’s why i love mankind)” – Sail Away – (USA, 1972) – Amazon

It’s kinda like the complete opposite of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” huh?