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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 2

The Shining
The Unnamable

A couple of interesting bits about Kubrick’s version of The Shining first. This video is a fascinating theory about the film…one I hope somebody asks Nicholson about. It might seem a little far-fetched at first, but give it a little time.

And also, Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind composed a score for the film which went mostly unused in the final product. It sounds like they based their score on a very early version of the film and Kubrick, as he was wont to do, changed his mind.

For tonight’s film, it’s The Unnamable from 1988. Based on a short story by Lovecraft, it’s a story we’ve seen many times before: the convergence of university students and a haunted house and the demon daughter of the house’s owner. Be forewarned: there were obvious budget constraints.