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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 3

Shark Exorcist
Werewolf Heart
Demons 2

A snippet of the artwork for the movie Demons 2: there is a dark room with a lit doorway in the background. In it stands a woman, mostly in silhouette. In the foreground and mostly out of focus: the candles of a birthday cake.

If there’s one thing I can appreciate, it’s pizza. But if there’s a second thing I can appreciate, it’s taking something so far that it ceases to be funny…but you keep on going and it eventually becomes funny again. I’m talking (in this case) about low budget indie horror movies that take one thing and just run with it in as many directions as possible. Just google “Amityville movies” and you’ll probably find there’s a lot more films branded as “Amityville” than you first thought. (And if you’re already aware of this, you’ve probably been with us for quite some time now.) 

Sharks were another thing. In the wake of Sharknado’s viral success, “Shark everything” raged out of control for a long while. Out of this comes…Shark Exorcist. Only the trailer…but who knows, we may break out the whole movie before all this is said and done.

Next…in my Sonic Emporium from this past weekend, one of the songs I played was “Werewolf Heart” by Dead Man’s Bones. It’s comprised of Zach Shield and Ryan Gosling, as I mentioned when we had it as a Track of the Day a few years back. What I did not realize is that there’s a music video/short film that the band shot using what seems to be a young theatre troupe as a cast (the troupe could be any age, the members of it are young, I mean) and an elementary school stage as a setting. It’s cute but weird.

For tonight’s feature presentation, we’ve got Demons 2, which took the premise of being trapped and pursued by demons to the next level: it’s set in an apartment building and somewhat…crazier. Haven’t seen the first film? Boy, are you in luck. We posted it last year.

(We posted the trailers for both movies way back in Year 1 of this madness.)

Oh hey…it’s also the cinematic debut of Asia Argento (her dad is Dario, of course). Enjoy.