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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 7

Felix the Cat
The Amazing Spider-Man
Legend of Horror

How did we go all this time without posting anything Halloweeny with Felix the Cat in it? Not sure. But we’re about to fix that. Here’s Switches Witches from 1927. After executing pranks, then an array of weird transformations and substitutions that feel like he’s an X-Men villain, Felix is told he will find love…but he finds instead a witch that’s after him. Fun and mental.

Then, long before Tom Holland…there was Nicholas Hammond. The Amazing Spider-Man ran for just thirteen episodes in the late 1970s. In this episode, “The Kirkwood Haunting,” J. Jonah Jameson sends Peter Parker out to prove that a ghost sighting is bogus. For a 1970s live-action superhero TV show, it wasn’t bad at all. And it’s important kids these days watch shows like this so they can understand why their parents are the way they are.

For tonight’s feature we go to 1971 and Legend of Horror. Or are we going to the mid-1960s? It took some looking around online but here’s what I (think) is the story behind this film. Existing footage from an Argentinian film (or television show, not sure) had a framing story shot to put around it. And a few seconds of “MagicMotion” and bits of color here and there. It was finished in the mid-60s and then not released until 1971. I think. It seems to be a bit obscure. And awful. Which puts it right in our wheelhouse. Enjoy.