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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 11

Suspense: Dark Journey
Mad Mad Mad Monsters
Black Christmas (1974)

Off-white against a black background. It's a series of  copies of a screaming woman's face, going from left to right, and the width of the image decreases as it moves, cutting off more of the face each time. I hope that makes sense.

From 1946, let’s start with some old-time radio and Suspense! This episode is “Dark Journey,” and it goes a little something like this: ever have a really good friend that you part company with under odd circumstances…then you have to hook back up with them years and years later? Well, you’ll relate to this. A bit.

I think most people are familiar with Mad Monster Party, the 1967 Rankin-Bass stop motion film. Apparently (and I had forgotten about this completely) there was a kinda-sequel called Mad Mad Mad Monsters in 1972. It was traditional animation instead of stop motion, it lost its big ticket voice cast, and it’s never been as well loved. But here it is nonetheless. Judge for yourself.

For tonight’s feature, we’re here at First Halloween looking forward to Third Halloween, which many of you still call by its deprecated name: Xmas. (I’m kidding. Call it Emma Jean if you want to. I care not.) It’s been remade twice but we’re going with the original (and IMO hopelessly silly) Black Christmas from 1974. Look for Olivia Hussey (Audra in the IT miniseries), Keir Dullea (David in 2001), Margot Kidder (Lois Lane, natch), John Saxon (Nancy’s dad in the Elm Street films), and a pre-SCTV Andrea Martin. Enjoy. (Oh, before I forget: bear in mind this director would later bring you <i>A Christmas Story</i>. No really.)