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PIMO #4: Beth Roars

The logo/header image for People I Met Online (PIMO) featuring what look like Polaroids of host Dom and guest Beth Roars. Episode 4: "Doing, Teaching, Singing, Writing" is what it's called.


Dear friends. I had to “skip” two episodes ahead because of future events: My guest on what is technically and untechnically episode 4 of PIMO is Beth Roars – her album “Fable” comes out on the 15th of October. The first single “Power of the Wolf” is available already. Beth and I talk about her YouTube career (she brings her Voice Coach skills to the Reaction Video genre), how she got scammed when she first tried to make it as a singer, creativity, teaching and…PE? I hope you enjoy.

You can find Beth on her YouTube-Channel
or her new website You can order “Fable” here.

00:00:00  Beth Roars talks being a voice coach and about her new album “Fable”

00:02:36  Baking disclaimer

00:04:22  Hasselhoff disclaimer

00:05:30  Negativity disclaimer

00:08:55  Future PIMO guests

00:08:59  Ely Henry

00:10:06  Emma Thorne

00:11:51  Call to action

00:14:43  Singing and coaching

00:18:06  We’re fixing PE

00:20:03  Publishing an album and Beth’s backstory

00:24:37  Working with a small team

00:25:53  Release info for “Fable” (out on the 15th of October 2023)

00:27:18  Waiting for the right time to publish something

00:31:27  Dom realizes he is all doom and gloom again

00:33:50  Back to Beth’s biography

00:42:53  Dom gets on his soapbox

00:45:15  Vocal Coach: a weird job

00:51:35  It’s just music – or is it?

00:53:54  A random Hasellhoff appears

00:55:20  Internet comment culture

00:59:49  Beth’s community is lovely

01:03:32  The Algorithm appears

01:08:59  Dom’s movie popcorn assumptions

01:10:08  Did Beth always like teaching?

01:20:23  The past, present and future of Bet’s podcast

01:41:30  Quick Fire Round

01:44:18  When and how to sound pretentious