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32 Days of Halloween XVI, Day 24

The Old Man & The Goblins
Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose
Nightwing (1979)

A snippet of the poster for the movie Nightwing (1979): it shows a woman in a somewhat shredded red dress being attacked by numerous black bats.

To kick off, some weird and lovely puppetastic action from 1998: The Old Man and the Goblins

When looking up that short, I found the directors had done another short…even timelier, since I had included “Mysterious Mose” in the most recent radio show…and referenced my article where I was trying to track down who exactly Mose was, having heard him referenced so often. Anyway, from 1999, here’s Graveyard Jamboree With Mysterious Mose.

When a medicine man decides that’s it, he’s going to invoke spell to bring about the end of the world, people start turning up dead. A deputy on an Indian reservation has to team up with David Warner to try and stop whatever the heck is happening before it spreads and claims more victims. And let’s face it: whatever the reason, always team up with David Warner. Always. It’s Nightwing. Enjoy.