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Jeni’s Hot Toddy Sorbet – Review

A pint of Jeni's Hot Toddy Sorbet. It's a yellow pint with a white lid. On it, in red letters, it says: "Orange, lemon, honey, cayenne pepper, and Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey--just like the best hot toddy."

There was once a legendary sorbet by High Road I experienced at a restaurant many, many moons ago: a gin and juice sorbet. I had never experienced gin and juice as a drink before, but I knew at the time it couldn’t have been as good as this sorbet. If gin and juice the drink was anything like gin and juice the sorbet, then I figured we would all be completely drunk out of our minds on it 24/7. What I’m trying to say it was pretty goddamn delicious.

While that particular sorbet has gone the way of all flesh sorbet, as a Jedi master once said: there is another.

Jeni’s has their Hot Toddy Sorbet and it’s almost gone, so I take this opportunity to advise you to snag it with all due haste. I have had hot toddies before. Indeed, it is a lovely drink to have especially when your throat is bothering you…but it’s tasty enough where I’d be fine with having it pretty much any day of the year. However, no toddy I have had is as good as this damn sorbet.

Granted, my hot toddies stop at the lemon, honey, and whiskey. I have had them with Uncle Nearest whiskey, (which is damn fine on its own as a cure for what you might think ails you) but have never added orange, ginger, and cayenne, although it is clear that must now change.

With this, you get the zest of the citrus, the sweetness of the honey, and then following hard upon: the burn of the ginger and the heat of the cayenne. It’s not overpowering, nor is it off-putting with its heat or burn. Instead, it is truly refreshing. It is rich enough where you think, “Oh man, a couple more spoonfuls of this and I’ll be good.” But you then also think, “Wellll…a few more couldn’t hurt.” And next thing you know, there’s a crater where a full pint had been.

While I would be hard pressed to say this was the best Jeni’s flavor I’ve had, it is certainly the best Jeni’s sorbet that I have had. So again—get it while it lasts. It is ridiculous.

An open pint of Jeni's Hot Toddy Sorbet. It's a lemony color and it looks delightful. (It is.)