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Your Weekend Justice #306: Video Game & Theft

A killer whale with a copy of the album A TRAMP SHINING by Richard Harris in its mouth

…someone said: ‘Hey, you’re weird. Here’s a CD for you.’ And it was the Wilford Brimley CD.


At last, Justice #306 has been declassified. It was recorded last year, in a simpler time. Not simpler than the year before that…just more simple than now.


  • Across the Spider-verse
  • Widge has problems (what else is new?)
  • Jon doesn’t update his ex-girlfriends
  • Starfield: the Swiss Army knife of games
  • Roll your own side quests
  • Tuffley opens up the map
  • Spider-Man video games
  • JJ vs pigeons
  • The Netflix Crackdown
  • An I/T Cautionary Tale
  • Warner Brothers clearing house
  • Max has dragons and tits
  • The Bell Family
  • Theft, love & rockets
  • True They Might Be Giants fans
  • Overnight on Radio
  • Car hacks
  • A man of extremes
  • Orcas vs. yachts
  • Keiko: The Saga
  • Live action Disney
  • A world before The Strike: a simpler time
  • Ron DeSantis, big Splash Mountain fan
  • The past needs context
  • Getting Keith David checks
  • Wilford Brimley is omnipresent
  • Geddy Lee doing ska
  • Music and whiskey
  • Cassettes reborn
  • A brief guide to Portland
  • Insane vinyl
  • Widge avoiding his addictive nature
  • Bone records
  • Why JJ driving is not an action movie
  • American war zones
  • Old people talking about concerts
  • It’s Tuffley’s fault
  • Horrible people who make great art
  • Black Adam is mad
  • Christopher Nolan vs. Tom Cruise
  • How to see movies safely
  • Apple ski goggles
  • The benefits of Stepdadica
  • DJ peer pressure

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Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for helping us sound good.

As always, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting us use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as our theme music for this.

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