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What the hell?

Yes, you might be wondering why this page looks a helluva lot different. Welcome to Version 4 of It’s what I’ve been calling–in my head at least–The Espresso Edition. We’re running WordPress on the site now, so that’s why it looks a bit odd. But you’ll get used to it.

Version 1 was when I was running this place off of my personal webspace. Version 2 was when we actually had the URL and created a really terrible looking site to house our stuff. (The background green was literally The Colour Out of Space–what the hell was I thinking?)

Version 3 was what we just left…and it was nice, but it had no way of allowing us content management. As a result, I have really great writers with my ass as a bottleneck for getting the stuff on the site. So now with this version, we can actually get stuff online fast enough to satisfy our own caffeinated lifestyle.

A lot of our content is still in Version 3, and honestly…it’ll probably stay there for the time being. There’s just too much IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and whatnot pointing at the Version 3 content for us to move it right now.

You can access the old site and its stuff at any time by hitting “Old Site” there in the menu. And once you’re there, you should be able to move around just like the old days.

There is some stuff we’re still working the kinks out of. Getting the latest Gabfest posts on the front page like before, for one thing. Creating a nice index of reviews for Version 4 stuff. That sort of thing. So hang tight, because we’re working on that. This is going to shift around a bit before it’s completely stable.

If you see some functionality missing or something that’s broken, let me know and we’ll see what we can do about it.

So here we go. Wish us luck. And espresso.