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More Winners Walk Among You

As we struggle to dig out of these mounds of prizes, which we’re throwing out the door as fast as we can, here’s some more people who can brag to their friends about winning. If they’re into that kind of thing, of course.

Those people who won the Call Me DVDs are:

Winona Cunningham of New Jersey
Roger Howard of Washington
Ines Terway of New Jersey
Linda Trotier of Illinois
Bev Yakymiw of Saskatchewan

And the Kinsey DVD winners are:

Barbara Strohm of California
Kim Derosier of Connecticut
Leonard King of Florida
Sarah Masters of Virginia
Michael McLane of Pennsylvania

Huzzah and stuff. Oh, and for those of you who felt left out last month because of the World Mystery Box Contest, it’s back to Americans only now. I appreciate how many of you thought that you could fool us into thinking your state was somehow another country, but it didn’t work. Nice try, though.


  • Wahoo….That is super. I can’t wait to listen to the Call Me DVD. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the contest. I recently discovered your website & bookmarked it as a favorite. I really enjoy the music section.