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This Just In…

Well, this is without a doubt my favorite product of the (obviously disturbed) mind of James Kochalka. Though he’s most famous for his Sketchbook Diaries, where he logs his daily activities (such as trying to pick up a cat with chopsticks–my personal favorite), who knew that he was a rock star?

Well, kinda. James Kochalka Superstar is sorta like what would happen if you took The Polyphonic Spree and They Might Be Giants, subtracted about sixty-three people from the total band-members you’d then have, then ran them through an industrial press. Afterwards, they’d decide to sing songs about their “dink” and a frog trying to catch airplanes with its tongue. Oh, and monkeys. Oh, and it comes with a bonus DVD as well.

Jesus, I can’t stop listening to this crazy shit. Send help. Please.

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