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DragonCon 2005: Our Sponsors

Okay, there’s a lot of folks who need thanking. The best way for us to thank them is to shower them with love (and coin wherever possible–all logos are clickable so you can do this). So here’s the HUGE parade of logos for folks who donated swag and time to the cause. We’ll be attacking their stuff individually as time goes on, but for right now, stand back and marvel at this. Because I can’t freaking believe it either.

And extra special thanks to:
DJ B-Naut for answering The Cow Song Challenge,
the maniacs at Adult Swim for coming out to party with us,
Steve Troop for his assistance in getting Monkey Napoleon on the poster,
Astrobase Go for the cool Venture Brothers swag,
Brendon Small for signing the excellent Home Movies swagness,
Mark Evanier for making his books even more collectible with some signatures,
and of course, Terry Gilliam for kicking off the insanity all the way from London.

DJ B-NautAdult SwimSteve Troop's Melonpool

The Brothers Grimm