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This Just In: Star Wars Models

Remember when Star Wars didn’t suck? Yeah, we do too. We are filled with nostalgia for the good old days as we present these two things which just came in off the truck: the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing Fighter, both models from RC Ertl.

I was never good with models as a kid. I couldn’t color in between the lines and…well, Christ, have you seen my handwriting? I sign a credit card slip and somebody asks, “You a doctor?”

Anyway, suffice to say I screwed up enough models to know that that sort of pastime simply wasn’t my bag. But these look simple enough where even a shmoe like me could handle them. The X-Wing comes with a nice thing on the box that says “Easy! Beginner!” Now you’re speaking my language. They’re both “moderate” level and the X-Wing is “Snapfast” style, which means the Falcon is probably out of my league. But hey, if you like some hands-on work, go for them. Crying over them while you watch your bootleg copy of ROTSith probably is bad for your concentration, though.