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Josta: Alive in Our Hearts

I have fond memories of Josta. Long ago, when I was making lots of drives from Huntsville down to Montevallo, I would suck down a Surge and a Josta back to back. The caffeine content of both, working together (or fighting one another, maybe) in my head was potent enough that I could feel my hair growing. There’s nothing better in this world than playing the Carmina Burana at full blast while careening down dark two-lane roads with the windows down and on a caffeine high. Whew, those were good days.

Anyway, Josta was Pepsi’s guarana-enhanced berry-cola product. They foolishly stopped making it right in time to see the energy drink explosion we see around us today. And it must be good–because I freaking hate Pepsi. Pepsi to me is just stale Coke.

However, the dream is not dead. There’s an entire Save Josta website. They even have a link to a Josta Reborn recipe somebody cooked up in their mad scientist’s lab. Can’t wait to try that out.

Maybe Pepsi will buy a clue and bring the drink back. Then we can get Coke to bring back Surge. Fascists.


  • Hi,

    I was searching the web for more info about Josta and
    saw your web site just thought you’d like to know there is an
    unopened can of JOSTA that is currently listed on Ebay,
    just go to Ebay and type josta in the search space –

    (from what I have read so far on the web it seems that
    people who liked Josta really liked it a whole lot !)

  • I’m not sure if there would be any actual danger of drinking a soda that old, might not have much carbobation left, but I saw a bottle sold on ebay some time back also, some people might want to keep it as a souvineer, who knows, maybe 10 years from now they could resell it for some really good money ?

  • Oh Josta… You came into my life when I met my ex boyfriend. He introduced me to you unique taste and it was love at first sip. My love for you was the only good thing that came out of that 5 years! I got over him in 3 days but my heart still burns for you! Come back to me… Oh Josta!

  • I miss josta too. :'( I’ve spent so much time looking for other guarana drinks, but none match you josta. Please come back.