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The Friday Timesuck

Okay, what a week. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

For the movie review front, check out our take on Brothers Grimm. It’s not the complete and utter mess most critics would have you believe. Also, Rob wrote up a most excellent memoriam for Mr. Moog.

Plus, pirate linens! Plus a train geek’s wet dream, Scooby snacks for gamers, how to get the car of your dreams–at least on paper, more than you ever wanted to know about what stuff is made of, my new favorite shirt, two stories to make you consider just how lame your childhood summers really were, a tale of comic art and toilet seats, Ohio does not understand this whole birds and bees thing, a new wonder drug that will hopefully work wonders, freaking sweet pics of balloons popping (cooler than it sounds), why kids these days will not be as deranged as our generation ended up, a short film about a cardboard plague, Wisconsin fights back against the Empire, the knife accessory you all want, DIY magazine covers, the Cake That Walked Like a Man, more info on Judge Crater, new show for the fall season: I Wanna Eat American Idol’s Brains (In Other Words, I Want to Fast), a badass DJ/shamisen video, and book vending machines.

On the Gabfest, Tuffley’s got a new Great Debate up, so go chime in already.

Plus from Red Nose, we’ve got the perfect IBM commercial parody, Klingon Fairy Tales, a walk down Memory Lane with Engadget, and why we’ve converted and are now Pastafarians.

Lastly, you can find the latest episodes of Something Odd here and here.

So do you see? Do you see why we don’t have lives??!? Away with you.