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Heroes of DragonCon 2005

Tech Ops from DragonCon 2005 Film Fest

Many are the people who helped to make our appearances at this year’s Con a success. There’s the Chairman General of the Con. There’s the Tacketts who handle guest services. There’s Leigh, Queen of X-Track, who gives us cookies. There’s our Sponsors, who provided us with swag to hurl at the heads of you, our readers who came out (we’ll be starting the Sponsor pic parade here shortly, in fact).

There are the aforementioned readers…you whackjobs who come out to panel after panel to see us (we’re still unclear as to why) and now somewhere around 78 of you, by our count, stuck around for all ten hours of the film festival. You’re all mad weasels and much respect to all of you.

However, we’d like to take a second to throw a spotlight on a group of folks who probably don’t get much love. They’re the unsung heroes of the Con, and at the risk of sounding like a Budweiser commercial, we wanted to give a big salute to the Tech Ops crew. At least four members of our staff have worked tech crew for stage productions, so we know what it’s like to be behind the scenes, dealing with crazed performers, and trying to pull off the whole thing without it all imploding on you. So to all you fine folks in black with headsets, a big “Hell yes” we shriek.

Especially, though, big thanks go out to Alan and Sam (L-R, pictured). They were the two guys who took care of us. And even though Sam was exhausted, and I think (the night was a blur) on two occasions it looked like we were going to be left to our own devices so the poor guy could get some shuteye…he did not abandon his post. We agreed to run the boards and stuff, but Alan couldn’t get Sam to freaking leave. We tried to throw plenty of Jolt and food and stuff at him to keep him alive and we even threw some swag at both guys as a small measure of thanks.

So thanks, amigos. You rock some serious toast and helped make this the best Gonzo Film Fest in its seven-year span.

(To please our sponsors, I’ll simply take this opportunity to point out that the swag in question was a Star Wars model from AMT out of RC2 and some DVD boxed sets from Comedy Central)