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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: A&E

Check it out! I’m Geoff Johns!

See, those are Crisis on Infinite Earths posters and I’m…oh, never mind. On with the prize pics.

More winners, thanks to the fine folks at A&E. As a sampling of their fine wares, first (upper left), we’ve got a young man using a copy of Benny Hill Complete and Unadulterated – The Naughty Early Years, Set Two to signal ships at sea. Upper right, this gentleman is smiling because he’s sporting a copy of the Python collection, Michael Palin’s Personal Best, wherein the man himself has picked his favorite bits from the show’s run.

Lower left it’s our very own Rox, gloating over a good prize for once (the poor dear) along with the person next to her there: sets of Rumpole of the Bailey starring the late, great Leo McKern.

Huge thanks to A&E Home Video for hooking us up so we could, in turn, hook our readers up. Make sure you check out their website here.