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This Just In: A Bunch of Bruce

Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way audiobook

If I were you, I’d go ahead and surrender. Bruce Campbell is everywhere and the man simply cannot be stopped. He is truly a media god and you had best pledge allegiance.

First, he is an accomplished author. Following up on the success of If Chins Could Kill, now he brings you Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way. This audiobook is unique in that, rather than being a straight up reading of the work, he grabbed some friends and created an unabridged audio play, or “audio film.” Brilliant. This sucker’s six hours over six discs and it hails from Rykodisc. Streets today, by the way. Your waiting is at an end.

[ad#longpost]Next, he is a director, of both the small screen, documentaries and now…his first feature: The Man With the Screaming Brain. He stars as well, playing William Cole, a guy who gets killed in Bulgaria only to wake up sharing his brain pan with part of the brain of a former KGB operative. I love this line from the back of the box, which, I think, says it all: Now, the capitalist and the communist must reconcile their differences to hunt down the beautiful gypsy freak who killed them both. Brilliant. This Anchor Bay release hits on October 4th and has formidable features: commentary with Bruce and producer David M. Goodman and two featurettes among other tasty bits.

Lastly, you remember that nifty Book of the Dead edition of Evil Dead that Anchor Bay released a while back? Well, now they’re releasing a Book of the Dead edition of Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Apart from the badass packaging, you also get an audio commentary, two featurettes, and if you poke the thing in the eye…it screams. That last part’s the sad, geeky show stopper, isn’t it? It streets today, so get ready.

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  • Rox: While it does have a distinct smell if you flat out hold it to your nose and take a whiff, I remember the first Book of the Dead being a great deal “stankier”. This one…not nearly as pronounced a smell. I think it’s safe.