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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: Master Replicas

Here we have Siege cracking up over some ridiculous thing he’s just seen on the screen. Tobias takes great pride in breaking the staff with the film fest’s content. It’s Siege’s birthday, by the way. Give him shit about being older, would you?

People often ask us how you win stuff at our film festivals. It can be really damn easy, or it can be really damn hard. And considering we think of ridiculous things for our audience members to do–and we are at a sci-fi fantasy con after all–it’s usually easy.

If I remember correctly, all this guy had to do to win one of the sweet, sweet force feedback FX light sabers (that would be the Anakin model, naturally) by those geniuses/madmen at Master Replicas, was to give us his best “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” so we could all mock Episode III together.

But for those that wanted a saber they could carry around in their pocket, they won these miniature replicas, available for different characters in the Lucasverse. Want an upclose look at these puppies? Here ya go.

And last, but not least…now that’s how you present a lightsaber, buddy. Especially a Darth Vader lightsaber. Take notes. That’s why he’s a winner. That, and he and NOOO-guy were smart enough to ignite their sabers for the final picture. Winners, I tell you.

Want to see more of Master Replicas? Or snag some of it for your very own? They have a website. Give them love.