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Hunt You Down Like the Dirty Monkey You Are

Fark has a nice Photoshop thread of ads and such for the new War on Porn that the government is going to be wasting our American tax dollars on while the rest of the world laughs their balls off at us. This is just one of the good ones. Also very impressive is the porn-sniffing ocelot.

Yes, you read that right.

Found via Boortz.

1 comment

  • 1. I want that kitten. I want to cuddle it and feed it and let it sleep on my pillow at night.

    2. Ocelots do NOT–I repeat: DO NOT–like pr0n.

    3. I want an FBI Porn Squad ID tag with a kitten on it. Seriously, like uber-badly.

    4. And animals and porn really don’t mix. :( Animals aren’t here for our purile, pathetic amusement. Seriously, boys. It’s not funny. It’s mean.