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Odds and Ends for 12-5-2005

Weird little things that struck our fancy. Repeatedly. With a crowbar.

  • Officials in Flagler County, Florida, had two ten-year-old girls arrested for making believe that some parsley was marijuana. Does this mean we can arrest the school officials in that county for pretending they’re giving the kids an education? Just a thought.
  • Behold. You too can now own the official playing cards of the Needcoffee Ninja Squad!
  • Here’s a head massager from Japan. You can see a picture of it up top. I think the Japanese in the picture translates into “Cyclops, yes, I can tell by using Cerebra that Wanda has purged the world of mutants! Oh, no–Professor!! PROFESSOR!!!!!” That’s what Babelfish said, anyway. Could be a little rough. Found via OhGizmo!.