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Got Kong?

Okay, so the large furry guy is just about to arrive in cinemas. I pray that he will kick my ass through the back of the theatre. Let us hope I am correct in this, mostly because I have a running bet with Tobias about my reaction to the film.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about what’s really important: stuff you can buy to supplement your giant ape experience.

First up, know your history. I’m talking about the two-disc collectible tin-packaged edition. Along with the completely restored film, you’ve got commentary by Ray Harryhausen and Ken Ralston with Merian C. Cooper and Fay Wray providing comments via excerpts of interviews. It comes with postacrds, a reproduction of the souvenir program from 1933, a docu on Cooper, a gigantic seven-part making-of docu, and test footage with commentary by Harryhausen. Warner Brothers is definitely not screwing around with this one. For more info, check out the official site here.

If you want to then delve into the remake, then streeting today is something from Universal that will help you out: Peter Jackson’s production diaries in a two-disc set. This impressive set, which basically gives you DVD bonus features for a film you’re about to go into the cinema to see–sweet, boasts the production diary bits that Jackson posted to the official Kong website. From end to end, you get the whole tour of the behind the scenes process, plus a fifty-two page production memoir and some art prints. Are you hardcore? Then grab it.

Want to hear the movie once you leave the cinema? Fine, the soundtrack’s available with a score by James Newton Howard. That also streets today. Twenty-one tracks and that hits from Decca Records.

Still not satisfied and want to play the movie? Fine. The game has hit and is quite the experience. It uses some of the same CG that WETA put in the film, so you know that’s got to be quality. You can play ass-kicking playwright turned action hero or you can play ass-kicking giant ape. Your choice. Either way you’re immersed in game-play that’s setup to be as close to the film as you can get. Audio, graphics and the interface (or seeming lack thereof) are all choice. Is it the end-all be-all of games? Nah. Is it worthwhile to nab to go galavanting about and breaking shit as Kong? Sure, go for it. Pictured is the Xbox 360 version, though it’s available for the regular Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, PSP and PC.

Buy the original on DVD from Amazon.
Buy Peter Jackon’s Production Diaries on DVD from Amazon.
Buy the soundtrack from Amazon.

Buy the game for the Gamecube from Amazon.
Buy the game for the PC from Amazon.
Buy the game for the PS2 from Amazon.
Buy the game for the PSP from Amazon.
Buy the game for the Xbox from Amazon.
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